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Marble Surface

If you are feeling fun and adventurous,

Fill out the form below and contact us!

Our stylists are chomping at the bit and seeking out hair model for our featured stylists choice: “Autumnal Color Melt” technique. You will receive 25% off your entire service!



•Sign client waiver


•Perform strand test & allergy test

•Create desired look the stylist sees fit using a color melt technique, haircut & style. *Inspirational photos of the look the stylist wants to create will be provided.*

•Make-over by our makeup artist (client brings their own foundation) to complete your look for your 'after' images. *Additional charge for make-over and lashes*

•Take before & after images. Serenity Studio and stylist reserves the right to use images for marketing purposes only

•Must be flexible with extended appointment time. Appointments must be booked during a morning block

We are A team of professionals with the highest ethical and technical standards of practice in the industry.  Your participation allows our stylists to achieve top-notch skills and perfect technique while maintaining a competitive edge to  success. 

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