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Keep Your Summer Color, Fresher and Longer!

With Summer just starting, despite Covid-19 many are still vacationing! Whether if you're spending vacation at the Ocean or a poolside, keep in mind that there are factors that'll affect your haircolor. Here's some tips to conquer your vacation while keeping your color as fresh as possible;

  • If you're spending your time by the ocean, please understand that the salts and minerals that Ocean water contains will and will suck your color out of your hair, making it appear dull and over due (Even if you just had it done the week before). The same goes for if you plan on swimming in a pool, chlorine does affect your hair color but not as severe as Ocean water does. Both will dry out your hair, but Chlorine won't remove as much color.

  • Those who are blonde have something a little differently to worry about, especially if they aren't a natural blonde (Meaning they have to get their hair lightened/bleached regularly). Both Ocean water and Chlorine will severely dry out your hair. But both react differently chemical wise when it come to your type of blonde (whether if you're cool toned, platinum, or warm, like honey). Ocean water, much like with normal color, will suck the tone out of your blonde hair, so your hair may turn more yellow than desired. As for Chlorine blondes must be EXTRA careful. Sometimes depending on the concoction of chemicals that pool water typically has will turn your blonde hair into a whole different shade. Some blondes actually can turn green or have a green hue to their hair due to chlorine exposure. Green isn't a pretty color on a blonde.

Here's how you can prevent this from happening; There are special Shampoos and Conditioners that will protect your hair from losing color or turning into something undesirable. You can find these shampoos usually at your local beauty supplier, example: ULTA. Or if you plan on going swimming, whether if its in the ocean or the pool, but don't want to invest in a shampoo/conditioner that will protect your hair, you can always put it up and avoid letting your hair get wet. Both are very simple but they are the best and only ways to truly protect your hair from the water!

If you're vacationing, remember to enjoy yourself! And if needed, don't hesitate about reaching out about your hair's summer maintenance! You can message us Via Online or Text/Call our Phone number (240)500-0679

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