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Makeup Report: Trends for Fall/Winter 2020!

Makeup trends come and go with the season; it can be an expressive and creative outlet. This year, however, most makeup artists and beauty gurus have been investing into the "less is more" beauty aspect. Natural, dewy, and minimal makeup has been making a comeback in the fashion industry specifically, so let's get into it and take a peek at the upcoming trends this fall/winter season.

#1: No Foundation

The bare faced complexion has come and gone throughout the years, mainly due to the brand Glossier being minimal and going natural. Bare faced looks with a neutral or natural lip color are good for the ones who are always on-the-go and goes to show that a little can go a long way. Step aside, full-faced Instagram baddies, the bare skin trend is making its way back into the spotlight.

#2: Rosy Cheeks

If you're sporting no foundation but still want a nice, simple glow to your complexion, a rosy cheek is a perfect balance of keeping it nice and fresh. Rosy cheeks can help your complexion look youthful and playful; to achieve a glowy look similar to this, smile to find the apples of your cheeks and apply a light layer of the rose-colored blush or highlighter of your choosing.

#3: Graphic/Avant Garde Eyeshadow

Graphic eyeshadow and liner has always been around; from the runway to Instagram, everyone likes to break the boundaries of traditional makeup. You can mix and match colors, types of finishes (matte, metallic, shimmer), and shapes. Note that it will take some patience and practice to execute create a unique, avant garde eyeshadow look, but it will help you figure out what colors, shapes, and finishes work best for your skin tone and face shape.

#4: Floating Eyeliner

To keep our creative juices flowing, we move onto floating eyeliner. It's similar to graphic eyeshadow, however, with this technique you really only need eyeliner. Depending on your lid/eye shape, you can do a connected floating eyeliner similar to the one shown here, or have it be disconnected with multiple lines and angles.

Definitely practice and have patience with yourself, watching Youtube videos also helps!

#5: Dark Lip Stains

Dark lip colors have always been a fall trend since the 90's, this year it's making a comeback but not with gloss or matte lips, but lip stains. Lip stains are nice for a pop of color without the stickiness of a lip gloss or the dryness of a matte liquid lipstick. They work with your lips naturally to give a kiss of color on the lips, and it looks more natural. However, you can always build up the layers of the lip stain to make it more bold, but sometimes simple is better.

So whether you want to sport a dark lip stain, graphic liner, rosy cheeks, or no foundation, makeup is supposed to be creative and unique to what you like on yourself, and enhance the natural beauty already inside yourself. Remember that with good practice and patience, you can do any makeup look you want; do keep in mind that makeup always has a theory rather than a rulebook, so knowing what works for your face and eye shape and what colors work with your complexion are always things to keep in mind. I hope you all try something new, have fun, and happy holidays. :) Much love, Kristen xxx

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Amy House
Amy House
17 de nov. de 2020

I'm all for 1 and 2, but not sure about the rest!! 😃

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