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New Year, New Trends!

With 2020 coming upon us in a few weeks, everyone needs an idea of what's going to be trendy for the beginning of the modern Roaring Twenties. We'll be going over 2020's top 10 trend predictions related to hair, nails, and make-up that are coming in hot! And lastly, we'll be talking about 2020's official Color of the Year.

The very first predicted trend of 2020 we'll be mentioning is Floating Eyeliner!

Floating Eyeliner is traditionally created by tracing a thin stripe of eyeliner just above the crease of your lids. This creates the illusion of an upward sweep.

But for more new, modern techniques, this look can be achieved without eyeliner, which is how the look on the right was created. In place of the eyeliner, eye shadow is used. With this eyeliner technique, it expands your creativity to a whole new level, creating new, different, gorgeous eye make-up results!

Top Knot Updo's

Top Knots is an older trend, but it's coming back strong. This works best for longer hairstyles, it can be achieved with medium length hair, but it might be missing out on the volume you would have had with longer hair. For those with shorter styles that are slightly above or at their shoulders, you would only be able to produce a half-updo, like in the picture shown on the bottom left.

With this style, messy is best. This is a rare style in which messy is classy! You would want to pull out face framing pieces, and add as much volume you can (your bun) to create a modern, romantic look.

Not only is this look easily achievable with a hair tie and a few bobby pins, due to its simplicity, Top Knots can be combined with any style. Formal, Casual, Office attire, even an Athletic look.

Hot Tips

Hot Tips are a new, non-traditional French Manicure! So don’t knock them until you’ve tried them. You can handpick whichever version suits your mood, from short and clean to colored tips or cute accent decals. They're perfect to show creativity, and are an extension of your personality!

So if you're someone who traditionally get French Manicures, try out this new, trendy, and fun version! Hot Tips still maintain the classiness you get from a normal French Manicure, it just adds your personality! Don't be afraid of a pop of color, express yourself!


In honor of the modern Roaring Twenties, you'll be noticing more makeup looks inspired by gold! Whether you dab on a little or go at it with sparkly gusto, gold eye shadow is like a souped-up neutral that balances all the new colorful makeup.

Gold looks best with brow/amber, green, and hazel eye colors. Gold is also universal with any skin tone, but is absolutely stunning on those who have tan to darker skin tones.

Even though this trend is specifically directed towards those who wear makeup, if you aren't that into an makeup, you can still rock this trend with a statement piece such as jewelry or a cute hair accessory.

Layered Pixie

The Layered Pixie is another older trend that has made a comeback, and is expected to be a super trendy hairstyle for 2020. Long on top and layered throughout, this versatile 90's haircut is conspicuously fresh again. 

This haircut also goes with any hair color! Whether if it's a natural tone, balayaged, highlighted/lowlighted, or fashion colors, this haircut will always look great!

What makes the layered pixie so versatile, is because its low maintenance. Easy to style, or wash and wear, you wont have to worry about doing much with this haircut!

Even though this haircut is versatile, it isn't meant for everyone. If you're interested in trying this style out, before doing so, please take some time to consult with your hairstylist about if this haircut is meant for you. A few factors that may keep you from successfully having this haircut is upkeep (it will need to be touched up frequently, so you'll be looking at visiting the salon every 4 weeks, possibly every 3 weeks if you're someone who's hair usually grows fast), and if your face shape and features will be complimented by this style. Trust that your stylist will steer you in another direction if needed. Remember, your stylist wants you to look and feel good about about yourself, if they know a specific style will make you look and feel any less, whether you realize it or not, they'll do whatever they can to educate you, and offer you an alternative style that they know will make you happy, and feel great.

Hair Scarfs

This multi-cultural hair accessory is winding its way into braids, buns, and updos. Transforming even hastily scraped-back hair into a more embellished style in seconds. Polished or messy, adding a hair scarf will make your look complete. It's perfect with any hair texture and hair length.

This trend will most likely be the most popular during the Spring and Summer seasons.

If you're wondering where would be a good pace to buy yourself a hair scarf, I would recommend checking out your local H&M, they're non expensive and typically have them all year.

Natural Appearing Plump Lips

The secret to having the appearance of naturally plump lips is a gloss with maximum shine and minimal color. It's suggested to go clear for this trend, but if you need or a like a little bit of tint, a sheer colored lip gloss works as well. It is also a trend that will look great all year.

A little lip gloss can go a long way. It can dress up a look without putting much effort. The gloss also gives the appearance of hydrated, soft lips. Since lip gloss isn't long lasting, you would want to look into a good brand that'll give you the most out of your day.

Brands I suggest to check out:

  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics, The Gloss- Shane Glossin'. This Clear Gloss sits at a whopping $18. The reason why this specific brand is so pricey, is because this specific line is considered "Long Lasting" compared ti competing brands. Yes it's more expensive but it does give you the most out of your money.

  • Revlon; Super Lustrous The Gloss- Crystal Clear. It's priced averagely at $8.49. It has a pretty shine, but doesn't last as nearly as long as the first suggested gloss.

  • The Last, and cheapest option is NYX; Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish- Let's Glaze. Only sitting at $4.90, it's a great gloss for those who are budgeting. Also has a pretty shine, but will need the most applications when wearing it during a day compared to the other two suggested lip glosses.


This Classic chin to shoulder length haircut has never been easier or breezier. This style is usually blunt cut with little to no layering, perfect for those who want a more weighted haircut. For those who are looking for less weight with this haircut, heavier layering techniques would be used, and the overall result would make it more like a shag. This haircut is considered easy to maintain, unlike a normal bob, you won't need to touch this cut frequently, so if you're someone who has a busy lifestyle and can't always make time to visit your stylist, this haircut is perfect for you!

Lobs can be easily styled according to whatever your taste is. Curled, waved, straightened, and even a messy wash then wear looks great! This easy to maintain haircut also pairs with bangs and face framing extremely well. So basically, this wonderful haircut can be costume made specifically towards your lifestyle, your wants, and your needs!

"Tweed Hair"

In 2020, blondes and brunettes are veering away from highlights and toward a more natural lift in tone. Tweed hair is something we have mentioned before in an earlier blog article, and has been something that's already started trending here at Serenity Studio, we're ahead of the trend, and our Stylists are already trained to do this very beautiful lightening method!

Icy and ashy isn't an option with Tweed Hair. This lightening technique uses your natural tones, creating a more rich, fabulous color! For a more natural, flawless result, the lightening process for tweed hair is only within three levels of your natural tone, making this process significantly healthier for your hair than other blonding techniques. What gives Tweed Hair the richness and depth, the natural warmer tones your hair creates during the lifting process is used to your advantage. For blondes, it creates a more sun-kissed look, with a warm wheat finish, and for brunettes, the lighter pieces range from a delicious chocolate color to sassy auburn. Platinum hair is dying out, so get on top of the healthier, warmer, more natural looking trend.

The very last trend we'll be talking about is Volume.

Volume is something that nearly everyone desires in their hair. In 2020, volume is on trend. For those with naturally curly hair, this is your time to shine! Show off your natural volume, and luscious curls! For those who aren't so blessed to have voluminous hair, it's not hard to create it. It's as simple as changing up the way you blow dry your hair, the products you use, even just a little bit of teasing helps.

To better learn how to create volume by blow drying your hair, as your hairstylist and I'm sure they would be more than happy to teach you! Here at Serenity Studio, our very engaged stylists will be happy to educate you. Remember, we want you to feel and look great! If you're someone who prefers to naturally dry their hair, you would want to put in some kind of styling product in your hair while it's still wet/damp, so when your hair is finally dry, you can easily use a hot tool of choice. Add some curls or create waves, then brush them with a wide tooth come to softly break up the curls, creating volume (an example of this style is the bottom left image). If you're having trouble at home creating volume with hot tools, ask your stylist to show you how to do it correctly, so you can copy the look at home!

Lastly, the official Color of the Year for 2020... CLASSIC BLUE!

You must be asking why Blue was chosen to be 2020's color of the year? Classic Blue, a shade reminiscent of the sky at dusk, has been chosen because It's a color that anticipates what's going to happen next. With a new decade upon us in a matter of days, nobody truly knows what the beginning of the new decade holds, let alone the next 10 years.

Senses associated with Classic Blue:

  • Scents- A contemplation of where sky and sea meet. Another interpretation is a earthy, floral musk.

  • Flavor- Sugary blue raspberry syrup comes as an immediate thought for this color.

  • Touch- this color has a soft, velvety texture. Much like the feel of a brand new, plush blanket.

  • Lastly, Sound- An underwater, ethereal sound. Some may say it gives "vivid nostalgia."

True to its name, Classic Blue can be regal, restrained and boundless. But it can also be edgy, even anomalous, utilizing a variety of tonalities, materials and prints.

Here's some ways to incorporate this gorgeous color into your 2020; For those who want to sport the 2020 color, Classic Blue accent pieces such as a scarf or watch strap work perfectly. For those who rather just add a few add a pop of color in their home or workplace, a vase or candle are recommended. Also to keep in mind, incorporating the color into your life could be as simple as adding blue foods to your diet. Aligning with the growing emphasis on health, foods and beverages that are similar in color to Classic Blue (blueberries as an example) are rich in anthocyanins that are thought to boost the body's defense against ailments from cardiovascular disease to cancer cell proliferation. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, you could help yourself to a delicious blue macaroon.

Classic blue is expected to impact 2020's trends, so be prepared to incorporated in any way you can! For the rest of these amazing hair trends that are expected to take over the first year of the modern Roaring 20's, give us a call at (240)500-0679 to schedule an appointment with one of our amazing stylists, Rita, Maggie, Kayleigh, or Crystal, or just come by to visit so you're on trend for the new year! We're typically open 5 days a week, Tuesdays through Fridays 9am - 8pm, Saturdays 9am - 5pm. We look forward for your call or visit!

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