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What's Trending? Top 10 Winter Edition 2019

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Around fall season, you might start to think about getting your hair styled for the winter season. Enhancing your style for the season can be as simple as using a new hair accessory or styling it differently at home! We're looking at different trends: color, hair cuts, and styles. Here's whats trending for Winter 2019!

1) Fringed Bobs/Lobs

At the top of our list is a convenient and classy style; a fringed bob/lob! What makes this haircut so amazing is that it's so easy to style and wear. You can wear it straight, curled, or waved. It's even perfect for an all natural, "I just woke up like this!" Our opinion? The messier the better, Texture is key. So if you have naturally fine hair and are looking for a textured, fuller look, this is the style for you! With this haircut, your hair color and overall tone is a huge factor!

Softer coloring is highly recommended for this look, so highlights, low lights, ombre, balayage, or simply showing off your natural color works harmoniously. If you're someone who prefers a pop of color, pastel fashion colors such as pink, blue, lavender, rose gold, and silver are perfect for this style as well!

2) Natural Looking Extensions

If you're someone who has a hard time growing your hair, or just don't have the patience to wait for the luscious locks, then extensions are meant for you! If you are someone who has fine hair and is wanting body and texture, extensions are also great for that as well. Extensions are increasingly popular for special events including bridal styles.

Various types of extensions - such as tape-ins, weave-ins, micro-beads, and clip-ins - can easily be purchased online and in-store at an expense. Additionally, there are other things to consider before purchasing. Are the extensions compatible with hot tools? Can they be blow dried? And if needed, can they be colored? Are you able to properly install the extensions? It is highly recommended to seek out a well-trained and skilled professional from your local salon.

Why? Your extension stylist can handle everything for you from start to finish including maintenance. Additionally, they will only use the highest professional quality products, properly install them, and properly maintain them to avoid damaging your natural hair.

"These extensions I bought in-store/online says that they are professional. That should mean I can use hot tools to style them, I should be able to blow dry them, and color, right?"

The hard-core truth is that you never know what you are buying. The internet is flooded with companies competing against each other where quality and fair pricing is compromised. True professional grade extensions are only available exclusively through a licensed salon or stylist. Your local salon or professional will ensure the best quality, safest product for your hair and install it properly. Most importantly, they'll teach you how to maintain your new look!

3) Shades of Auburn

As the weather gets colder, warmer hair color such as Auburn, Caramel, Copper, Honey, and Cinnamon are most popular. Since these colors are associated with warmth, they tend to evoke memories of the summer season, which helps fight against the winter blues! Auburn is one of those hair colors that looks great with any skin tone. Because it's so universal, it also looks great on different hair textures - especially on those who have curly or wavy hair - complimenting your hairs' natural movement and dimension. It's suggested that your auburn doesn't consist of one solid color. If you have naturally fine hair without much volume, you would want to have a variation of darker and lighter pieces along with a layered haircut to create the illusion of having the much needed dimension and movement.

4) The DNA Braid

DNA Braids, also known as viral braids, have been gaining popularity these past few years. Not only were they trending during the winter of 2018, they're continuing to hold strong and are again the hottest braid trend for Winter 2019. Even though this braid looks complex, it's fairly easy to learn!

Step 1- Separate the hair into 3 strands, just like you do to start off most braids.

Step 2- Pull thin strands from the right and the left parts crosswise, and twist them around the central section.

You will continue this pattern until you reach the ends. If you're a visual person like myself, it may be easier to watch a video on YouTube.

The DNA Braid can be styled in many different ways. You can wear this braid much like a pony tail for an active day out in town, or you can wear it as an up-do or half up-do for formal occasions. If you have highlighted hair, or prefer a bold fashion color, this braid is going to be the best way to show-off your dimension and/or contrast in your braid!

5) Chocolate Brown Hair

Natural is the new black! Deep chocolate auburn is stealing the spotlight away from balayages for the season! The warmth and richness of chocolate brings life to your hair during the winter months. There is nothing wrong with having a balayage, but bear in mind that between the cold weather and less daylight that winter brings, your skin color will be less tan. Balayage might look drained and lifeless.

Chocolate is very versatile. This hair color makes your eye color appear lighter. It complements and insinuates any warmth your skin tone has so you won't look pale for the winter. If you plan to get highlights with this look, instead of getting a traditional blonde highlight, look into amber-toned highlights. The amber highlights will create an excellent play of contrast and enhance the chocolate color. If you're looking for a unique, beautiful, and versatile look for the winter months, then this is the hair color for you!

6) Hair Accessories

Statement accessories have always been popular, but this year two very specific statement pieces are standing out from the rest; Puffy headbands, which were popular during the 90's, and bling letter hair pins/clips! The puffy headband adds a touch of classiness that other accessories can't. They make you feel more glamorous and stand out from the crowd. For formal events you may see one with beading or metallic detailing. For a more casual but classy attire, there are headbands of solid colors, interesting patterns, and textures.

Over-sized hair accessories are making a strong comeback and they're perfect for the holiday season. They add a little bit of personality to any outfit whether it be dressy or playful! Not only do these pieces highlight your look, they also complete it.

7) Fashion Colors & Patterns

Add excitement to your hairstyle with fashion colors, using techniques such as Holographic, Pixel, Mermaid, and Unicorn hair! The bright colors will ward off the winter blues, and ultimately make you stand out from the crowd.

Having colorful hair is an extension of your personality showing your complexity, individuality, and uniqueness. It's a trend that will set you apart from others. In the dark, cold weather winter brings, your colors will stand out above the rest. This trend is also slowly working its way into the professional world. Some teachers, lawyers, businessmen and women are getting their hair colored like this. Not only does it inspire creativity, but it also shows that on a professional level, it doesn't matter if your hair color is a mousy brown or rainbow - a professional is only as good as their work. In a recent article on our website, a blog posted by Kayleigh explains the steps you would basically need to take to achieve any fashion color, and that this new trend is perfect for all ages! If you would like to learn more information about fashion colors, check out Kayleigh's "Mermaid Hair" blog. If this is something that interests you, don't be afraid to contact us and set up a fun, adventurous and colorful hair journey!

8) Face-framing

Face-framing is a very important aspect to hair styles. Why is this so important? Face-framing is important because it minimizes imperfections and highlights your best facial features. An oval shaped face has always been deemed "perfect"in the beauty industry, but what if you don't have an oval face shape? Face-framing is the answer. For example, someone who has a round shape may use face-framing to create the illusion of an oval shape, much like the woman shown on the right. In her case, the balayage with deliberate money pieces helps to elongate her facial shape. With a trained eye, one could tell that her haircut was textured to enhance the elongated look. The left image shows that her blonde color and cut also has some face-framing. When swept away from the face, it opens up her cheek bones to enhance a rounder look. When getting your next hair cut or color, think about face-framing and if it can improve your entire look. At the end of the day, face-framing complements your overall style!

9) Dirty Blonde with Shadow Roots

Dirty blondes are coming back and are expected to dominate the blonde community. For those who like to go platinum, give your hair a break and try out this beautiful low maintenance trend. With this look, your roots will remain dark, then transition into lighter pieces mid-length all the way down to the ends. The darker root is not to be confused with regrowth!

This look is a great way to move away from sun bleached summer hair, and away from damaging your hair further with lightener. If you are a blonde with naturally dark hair, this look is great for you. The root color will help blend in any regrowth and you may get your roots done less frequently. How nice will it be to give your hair a healthy break before you return to a lighter blonde for the summer season?

The warmth of a dirty blonde color will help prevent your skin color from appearing drained during the winter season. Don't be afraid to GET DIRTY! Look lively for the winter - your hair will thank you!

10) Hollywood Waves

This glamorous, iconic blast from the past is re-emerging this winter season. With all the holiday parties you'll be attending, consider these soft, brushed-out waves.

Hollywood waves look great on shoulder length hair or longer. This classic hairstyle can be combined with multiple outfits; business casual to formal. This look is easily achievable at home with your trusty curling iron. If you feel that you may need help learning the look, visit us at Serenity Studio and we'll teach you how to make these luscious waves! Pair your style with statement pieces; a cute pair of earrings, a necklace, or even a hair clip/pin. Finish 2019 looking and feeling like a million bucks!

Get on top of Winter 2019 and try out one of these amazing trends while they're in season! With the weather changing and the holidays around the corner, give Serenity Studio a call and we'll take care of you! Call: 240-500-0679.

Crystal Coyle,


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