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Seeking Gray Roots Hair Models Now! For New Clients Only!

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

We welcome you to be a part of this fun and exciting no-catch, low-risk hair color focused promotion that's gaining popularity. Our stylists, Maggie, Kayleigh, and Crystal are currently seeking gray root hair models to work with to maximize their skills: knowledge, exploration, creativity, attention to detail, formulation and to stay on top of trends. This allows us to build a portfolio to publish on social media and Serenity Studio website, and ultimately maintain a loyal clientele.

For balayage, foilayage, traditional foils, fashion color hair modeling interest, click here:

Do you color your gray hair? Let's be honest. Gray roots are pesky! For some, gray roots can show as early as 4 weeks and for the unlucky person, gray roots can show within 2-3 weeks. Inevitably, your roots need professional attention and we are looking for you!

Just some of the many benefits of having your hair color serviced by us:

1. Less damaging: Professional hair color uses little ammonia whereas over the counter hair color uses high levels of ammonia. We adjust substances to the needs of your hair to minimize damage and leave your hair looking and feeling healthy.

2. Color match and application: We have the expertise to analyze and formulate your desired color by utilizing one or more colors creating the perfect shade. Color application is thorough and timed just right to avoid damage and patchy color results.

3. It's done correctly: We can see where the color needs to be placed and also applied in spots as needed. During and after the process, we offer great home hair-care advice.

4. Guaranteed color: Serenity Studio guarantees every service 100%. If you are unsatisfied with your hair color, we guarantee your service within 1 week to ensure modifications can be done properly and safely.

Requirements of a Serenity Studio gray roots hair model:

`Receive 20% off your first visit.

`Receive 10% off your second visit when you pre-book your next within 6 weeks. Schedule your standing appointments - they fill up fast.

`Book with a friend and do it together.

`Have your picture taken and allow us to publish on social media and website for marketing purposes only.

`Hair models will be scheduled with Maggie, Kayleigh and Crystal.

`Receive excellent service with each appointment.


`Have fun!

*Gray root hair models can be a single process service and/or highlights.

*The special discount above is specifically designed for new clients with gray roots hair models only.

*We are seeking hair models for balayage, foilayage, fashion colors and single process colors. Promotional discounts vary. For more details, please visit

Please fill out the form below to submit your request. We respond ASAP. Also, you may email or call us at 240-500-0679 for more information and to schedule your appointment now.

Your support affords us the opportunity to maximize skill and knowledge to the highest level of service you deserve without breaking the bank. Continuing education and practice is an integral part of our professional stylists journey to success. Thank you for your support!

We look forward to serving you. Thank you for your support!

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